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branding + web design services


Your website is the virtual home for your business and brand.

You’ve worked hard to transform your passion into a business and you deserve a website that reflects the quality and value you provide. We’ll start off with the branding process and then put your new brand identity to work by creating a customized website that tells your story and connects with the people you love working with.


package two

brand essentials + web design

This package includes the essential brand components from Package One, plus a customized website designed with Squarespace. Perfect for those who are ready to put their branding to work and create a virtual home for their business.

what’s included

  • responsive Squarespace website

  • custom css and html

  • favicon

  • blog integration (if applicable)

  • 6 unique pages

  • social media integration

  • e -commerce set up (if applicable)

  • curated stock photo selection (if needed)

  • basic search engine optimization (SEO)

  • content planner

  • resources for managing your website


why squarespace?

Squarespace is a content management system that consists of a website builder, blog platform, and hosting service. I recommend Squarespace to my clients (and use it for my own website) because it's designed with the do-it-yourself user in mind, making it easy to manage and maintain yourself without having to rely on your designer or developer every time you want to make updates.


I'm a Squarespace Circle Member, which allows me to pass on some amazing benefits to my clients:

  • free domain name

  • 20% discount on annual website subscriptions (for the first year)

  • extended trial periods (6 months vs . 2 weeks): this means you pay nothing for Squarespace until we have completed your website.

  • optimized support: as a circle member, I’m recognized by the Squarespace support team as being an experienced user, allowing them to help me more efficiently with any questions that arise.


The process

01. strategy

After we’ve completed the branding process, we’ll get started on the first stage of the web design project process; the Strategy phase. This involves a little client homework, including a Website Strategy Questionnaire for you to fill out, along with a Content Planner to help you begin planning and gathering your website content. Once the client homework is complete, we will have a "virtual coffee date" where we jump on a call or video chat to go over the Website Strategy Questionnaire together, discuss deadlines for your website content and establish a plan for the design of your site.

02. design

The design phase will start out on a free 6-month Squarespace trial site so that you’re able to see the design come to life as we go along. We’ll begin with organizing your website structure and creating your pages. I will use placeholder copy and photos to show you the layout until you have provided your final content. You will receive regular updates through out the process so you can view the progress and provide feedback. Once your content has been submitted, we’ll start populating your copy and photos and make any necessary adjustments.

03. pre-launch

After the design has been approved, we’ll go through and do some testing to make sure everything is connected and functioning properly. We will also make sure your site is SEO friendly.

04. launch

With everything approved, we’ll set up your Squarespace subscription and start the process of going live!

ready for pricing?

Get our services and pricing guide; everything you need to know about the packages, pricing, add-ons, process details and booking your project.